Last Wednesday, Créteil Bébel was excluded from its championship by our league, the Football Leisure Activities Committee [Commission Football Loisirs – CFL]. The CFL took its responsibilities and punished the club of Créteil Bébel in the same way as it condemns, and punishes of exclusion, all violent behavior, coming from players or from managers, contributing to make of its championships, competitions where the term « sporting spirit » still means something.

Contrary to what the team had hoped, the players of Créteil Bébel have just announced that they were refusing to play, under the same shirt as them, a big match against discriminations, such as proposed to them, as a sign of appeasement. The sign would have been strong in the direction of all those who laud the refusal of the difference. This refusal, after several days of silence and contradictory signs, says a lot about the deep reasons which had led them to refuse playing against them a simple football match.

They thus note the desire of the Créteil Bébel players to return as quickly as possible to the anonymity which they should never have left. This means they shall not play together a match against all the forms of discriminations. They  do regret it very sincerely.

The team thought that dialogue could develop mentalities: it is, and it will always be, their way of behaving, the Law will be involved only if the dialogue is not any more or not possible. They shall not engage a lawsuit as we considered it for a time. They always privileged the dialogue to the hatred, the brotherhood to the resentment.

This unfortunate story will have had at least for merit to point out the problem of homophobia in football, and to free the speech.

Foot Gay team however waits for you on next November 14th at the Paris Charléty stadium, for a big match against all forms of discriminations. Paris Foot Gay with its godfather, Vikash Dhorasoo, will face a team of former pros, politicians and of celebrities. They invited all the associations which militate on a daily basis to develop mentalities to come and take advantage of this stand to expose their projects.

They are now waiting for the various actors of French football, and in particular from the FFF, to receive them and discuss with them, so that the fight against homophobia is finally taken into account, in the same way as racism or anti-semitism.

They are also inviting the FFF, our State Secretary, Rama Yade and all clubs, professional or amateur who would like to come and sign the Charter against homophobia, on the occasion of this meeting event, at the Charléty stadium.

They thank all those who showed them their support these last weeks, whether they are unknown persons, politicians or recognized associations such as Neither whore nor subjected the LICRA, SOS Racisme, MRAP, the City hall of Paris, the group of the Communist Party to the council of Paris, the State Secretary of sports, Rama Yade, the City of Créteil, the Professional League of Football and its president Frédéric Thiriez, the French Football Federation, Vikash Dhorasoo, Paris Saint-Germain and all those whom we forget!