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Michael Wachowiak
Michael WachowiakFootball Sports Specialist


Michael has been a professional football referee since April 1992, and has participated in over 2,500 football games. He has also been an official observer since 2000, with completed upgrades in 2006 and 2016 to the highest regional class. Since 2015, Michael has been on the referee board of the Danish Soccer Association, DBU/Jylland Region 3A.

In 2000, Michael was the founder and director of the Danish Referee Exchange, and is currently on the board of the REFEX UG-Germany.

With a background in philosphy and psychology, and has more recently successfully completed his studies in leadership refereeing in 2009. He is a very experienced football referee and is still active in Europe, and has been a long time associate of the EGLSF.

From 2000 – 20016, Michael has organised over 500 football tournaments all over the world, and 101 of them as a tournament leader.

REFEX was the offical tournament partner for the EuroGames in Budapest 2012, Stockholm 2015, Helsinki 2016, World OutGames, Antwerp 2013, and Michael is now the official Sports Specialist for football for the 2019 EuroGames, which will be held in Rome.

Michael speaks Danish, German and English, and he currently lives in Arhus, Denmark.

If your orgnaisation needs any specialist advice from Michael in the area of Football or refereeing, then you may contact him directly via email.