This policy is intended to spread the limited Outreach budgets to those most in need, while at the same time meeting the objective of the EGLSF to increase membership and participation from Eastern Europe.


AGA hosts are encouraged to seek donations from delegates in order to increase the available funding.

  1. Outreach will only be provided to member organisations for the purpose of sending up to two delegates, ideally of different gender identities, to an AGA. Outreach funds shall be used for travel by the cheapest reasonable method, given the distance to be travelled.
  2. The persons supported must be able to speak and understand English well enough to benefit from attendance at the AGA.
  3. Applications from member organisations shall be made by an authorised representative of the member organisation concerned, e.g. chairperson, board, president.
  4. Preference will be given to:
    1. persons who come from a member organisation which has not previously attended an AGA as opposed to repeat applicants;
    2. member organisations which have attended fewer AGAs than other applicants;
    3. smaller and younger organisations as opposed to larger and more established organisations.
    4. organisations who do not also send other delegates at their own expense.
  5. Applicants shall include a justification for their application.
  6. Outreach applicants are expected to contribute to the AGA by means of a workshop, practical assistance, a report for subsequent publication or other appropriate contribution agreed with the Board.
  7. Outreach applicants may not use the financial support to subsidise other travel or accommodation, such as extension of a stay, except by prior arrangement with the Board.
  8. The Board will publish a timetable no later than 30 November prior to each AGA.
  9. Applications must be received by 15 January prior to the AGA. After this date, applications will only be accepted if there is still budget available.


  • The Board of the EGLSF has responsibility for budgetary control and it is therefore the Board which has the final say on allocation of funding.
  • The Board may delegate the selection of applicants to a working group that the Board appoints for the purpose.


If you would like to apply for outreach, please mail the general secretary at by 15 January prior to the AGA.