Why Become a Member

By becoming a Member of the European network of more than 100 gay and lesbian sport groups under the umbrella of the European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF):

  • your club can decide on the host for the next EuroGames;
  • your club members will get a reduction on the registration fee for EuroGames;
  • you get a subscription to our members mailinglist;
  • your club will receive our network Newsletter;
  • you can promote your events in our media and events;
  • you meet the representatives of our members at the Annual Assembly and discuss and decide on important topics in LGBTIQ sport.


Regular Membership

open to registered and non-registered clubs and groups with natural persons as affiliated members as well as federations and umbrella associations of only European registered and non-registered clubs, which are active in the field of sport and which accept, abide by and comply with the mission statement of the association.

Associate Membership

open to
• natural persons of at least 16 years of age
• international (worldwide or European) single-sport federations and other legal entities
who accept, abide by and comply with the mission statement of the association.

Membership fees per calendar year

Note: all finances within in the Federation are calculated in Euros

Regular (Ordinary) Membership 1-24 members € 3 per affiliated member, min. € 35
25 – 49 members € 75 per sport group
50 – 74 members € 100 per sport group
75 – 99 members € 130 per sport group
100 – 149 members  € 160 per sport group
150 – 199 members € 190 per sport group
200 or more members € 1 per affiliated member, max. € 650
Associated Membership Individual € 35
Organisation € 80
No Membership (listing only) free

How to apply for membership

When you apply for membership, please fill out the online form, and sumbit all the required fields. We especially ask you to pay attention to the Sports section; the data will be used for information purposes and statistical use.

Also the existing members are required to submit the membership form every year, to update their information.

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.