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QFF 18th International Conference

January 2016, Gelsenkirchen, Germany The EGLSF was represented at the 18th International QFF Conference in Gelsenkirchen. The conference was hosted by Andersum at Schalke 04 which was attended by more than 100 delegates from Germany, Switzerland, UK, and The Netherlands. On the Friday evening the response from FIFA was discussed along with the “Good Practise Guide” and how FIFA were not addressing anti-discrimination measures which are clearly present in their guide. Saturday morning consisted of many workshops, and the EGLSF was represented in the “Planning Actions” stream. From the Zurich meeting it was decided that the 3 main priorities for [...]

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Ready, Set, DÜSSEL-CUP!

It's finally here: the DÜSSEL-CUP has its first major anniversary: for the 10th time the gay and lesbian multisport event will be held in the state capital. From March, 18th-20th 2016 the DÜSSEL-CUP is offering again a variety of sports such as swimming and volleyball, badminton and soccer, basketball and some more to fight for points, places and trophies. For the first time the city of Düsseldorf will support theDÜSSEL-CUP with a special program and will perform the "Action Week Against Homophobia in Sports by the City of Düsseldorf". There are some special events on the list, such as discussions [...]

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Football V Homophobia Month

February is the international campaign month of ‘Football v Homophobia’ (FvH) and the EGLSF is supporting the initiative. FvH is a campaign uniting fans, players, communities, grassroots teams, professional clubs and the Football Authorities in opposing homophobia and prejudice against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBTIQ) people in football. Year round, FvH enables people to take action against prejudice and discrimination based on sexuality or gender identity in football, and to celebrate and welcome diversity in the game. This culminates in an international show of support in February to raise awareness of the issue and to join together in making a [...]

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