Football Supporters International (FSI) and Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE) are looking for (contact) persons, groups and associations, who have experience and knowledge about football fans in their countries. The aim for FSI (and FARE) is to develop preventive measures to combat racism and violence during the event in June 2008.

One content will be a 'fan embassy' work. They are actually looking for contacts to get more information about the situation in each participating country in the EURO 2008, to build up a fan work and to integrate new 'professionals' in their activities during the EURO 2008 championship.

They are looking for contacts in the following countries: Croatia, Greece, Portugal, Russia, Romania, Sweden and Turkey.

If you are not active directly in football but have contacts to the fan scene or associations working with them, please give the organizers the contacts. They will have some preparatory meetings before the start of the EURO, so that both FARE and FSI could prepare something with you / your association.

Please send your answers to the following e-mail address: cepafsf@hotmail (Thomas Herzog).